Catching Up with Steve and Jaime Saint

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Bracknell to Birkenhead. Waadebridge to Chishester. Ipsich to Milton Keynes. For one very full week in March, Steve Saint and his son Jaime crisscrossed the United Kingdom to share their inspiring stories of sacrifice, reconciliation, and heritage.

One Family’s Redemptive Story Offers Good News to All Families

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The Grandfathers received a Redemptive Storyteller Award in the Distinctly Gospel category at the 2011 Redemptive Film Festival. The festival is a showcase for filmmakers whose work expresses God’s redemptive purposes.

Jim Hanon and the Walk His Trail Trilogy

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Today on the The Harvest Show director Jim Hanon took viewers behind-the-scenes to discuss the making of the three films that are part of the new Walk His Trail trilogy—The Grandfathers, End of the Spear, and Beyond the Gates of Splendor. Watch the interview now (Jim’s interview begins at the 12:17 mark).

A Trilogy Is Born with the Release of The Grandfathers

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The Grandfathers is a “coming of age” story that in combination with Beyond the Gates of Splendor and End of the Spear completes a story for the ages. Recently released in the U.S. and the UK, The Grandfathers is drawing a new generation into a powerful adventure of triumph over tragedy that captured the attention… Continue Reading…

The Film That Almost Wasn’t

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In an exclusive radio interview, Jesse Saint and Jim Hanon explain why The Grandfathers almost didn’t get made, share what changed the minds of the Waodani to allow the film to be made, and provide part of the backstory surrounding EGM’s latest film. Listen to a recording of the interview here. The interview was originally… Continue Reading…

Jesse Saint Talks Candidly about His Own Search for Meaning and Purpose

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He is the grandson of Nate Saint and son of Steve Saint, but who is Jesse Saint? While many young people struggle with their identity, most don’t find it living under extreme conditions, in a primitive land, and among formerly murderous people. Grandpa Nate and four other missionaries were speared to death in the Ecuadorean… Continue Reading…