Jesse Saint Talks Candidly about His Own Search for Meaning and Purpose

He is the grandson of Nate Saint and son of Steve Saint, but who is Jesse Saint? While many young people struggle with their identity, most don’t find it living under extreme conditions, in a primitive land, and among formerly murderous people.

Grandpa Nate and four other missionaries were speared to death in the Ecuadorean jungle fifty-five years ago. Their story of ultimate sacrifice became one of unimaginable forgiveness when a young Steve Saint accompanied his family into that same jungle, not seeking revenge but reconciliation. Because of (or maybe despite) this rich history, Jesse Saint has been making his own way.

Recently, Jesse shared part of his journey with Chris Fabry of Moody Radio. Much of their time was spent talking about The Grandfathers, a new film by EthnoGraphic Media (EGM) that documents Jesse’s struggle to reconnect with the past and wrestle through the present while he sets in motion his hope for the future. A link is made though the bond Jesse forms with three tribesmen who, more than a half century ago, murdered his grandfather. Men Jesse now calls his grandfathers.

Listen to the Interview Here.

Written by Bill Oechsler, President of EthnoGraphic Media (EGM)

* * * * *

In The Grandfathers, Jesse Saint’s story becomes meshed with those of his father Steve and martyred grandfather Nate when he goes to live with his grandfather’s murderers in the jungles of Ecuador. It bridges three generations of the Saint family that began with the stories of Nate and Steve chronicled in the films End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor. Watch the trailer here.

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    We saw this at a Christian Film Festival and this was excellent!!!

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    Was there ever any attempt to find Nate Saint’s body so it could receive a christian burial?