Walk His Trail Movie Message Series

The Walk His Trail Movie Message Series is a program conceived, designed, and produced specifically for pastors. Many are already familiar with this story of five martyred American missionaries, their families, and a primitive tribe from deep in the Amazon jungle. However, this unique program offers a new way for pastors to help their congregations experience this story for the first time or like never before. As one pastor commented, “The stories are true and are truly inspirational, and many in the church I serve would probably remember the actual event.”

So we would like you to simply receive this program in the spirit with which it is intended—the gift of story. Because the Walk His Trail Movie Message Series was made possible through a generous donation, nothing is required of you to begin freely using it. You are invited to review the program and prayerfully consider how it might serve as a resource for you and your church.

Free to Pastors. Go here to learn more and sign up to receive the series.

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